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“Welcome to Adam’s Aviary Parrots And Birds, ADAM’S AVIARY specializes in exotic birds and parrots ranging from African Grey , cockatiels to macaws. All Parrots and birds sold come with a money-back health guarantee and free grooming for as long as you own the bird. Customers are encouraged to play with the birds while shopping, paving the way for happy, well-adjusted pets ”


ADAM employs a knowledgeable, friendly staff that is well-versed in bird care. ADAM’S associates can answer most bird related questions including concerns about behavior and diet. At ADAM’S AVIARY, birds are never pushed on people, instead, potential bird owners are carefully screened to ensure that the species they are interested in matches their lifestyle .

“At ADAM’S AVIARY we pride ourselves on hospital-grade cleanliness and shelves that are packed with all the best products. ADAM’S AVIARY even has its own brand of products, including a gourmet seed blend developed by Adam himself. Another signature concept of ADAM’S stores is its enormous TOY WALL that displays hundreds of handmade bird toys. Services at ADAM’S include boarding and grooming”


ADAM has sold thousands of birds over the years and has maintained its loyal customer base for nearly two decades. ADAM has built his business on a simple philosophy—to sell healthy Parrots & birds  , price them competitively, and provide customers with the cleanest store and most helpful service they can find. 



ADAM is a well-respected aviculturist and award-winning retailer. His love of birds began as a young boy living in Cuba where he and his father used to catch wild songbirds (known in Cuba as “mariposa”) and would build cages from twigs. This experience sparked ADAM’s interest in birds and after coming to the United States at the age of Ten, 

ADAM’s parents bought him two little canaries. ADAM loved his birds and throughout his childhood studied everything he could about them. In his early 20’s, ADAM purchased two parrots from a local pet shop. However back in the 80’s, many birds sold in pet shops were either imported or illegally smuggled into the country and many would die from various diseases. Unfortunately this was the case for both of ADAM’s pets. This was ADAM’s first real-life lesson of the importance of buying a bird from a clean and reputable store. Dissatisfied with the unsanitary conditions of most bird stores ADAM visited, he began talking to people in the bird business and found out where the quarantine station was. Again since this was the 80’s, the quarantine station was the place where most pet shops purchased birds from as very few birds were being bred domestically at the time.

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